PP2 Black and White

For my second project, I am going to do high contrast black and white editorial fashion photography. The photographs will have a slightly dreamy look what I will create with motion blur and all the photographs will be taken in a photographic studio.

I have always liked black and white photographs and the strong contrast in it. I had ideas before to use a lot of blacks and turn them so dark to lose all the details from there. I started researching for inspiration to get some ideas and I found Irving Penn black and white fashion photographs where the blacks were so dark that looked like silhouettes with a little detail in it. Here is some examples below where you can see that the blacks are so dark that there is only little bit detail in it.

I started to looking for other photographers who have a similar style and I found some David Bailey photographs where he also used blacks in the same way like Irving Pen did. Here are some images from David Bailey.

I started to searching for some photographs where the model is wearing a dress and I found very elegant and beautiful photography that Mark Shaw did for Vanity Fair in 1953. I really like the dreamy and elegant look that these images have. Here below you can see Mark Shaw photographs that he took for Vanity Fair.

Some of the photos have slightly motion blur in it what reminded me straight away about Nick Knight who also has done some movement photography what inspired me to use motion blur in my photographs to add the dreamy look in the images. Nick Knight did a shoot with Lady Gaga where he also used the similar style that Irving Pen and David Bailey did that they turned the blacks so dark that it lost most of the details in it. Here below you can see Nick Knight photo with motion blur and also with Lady Gaga.

With black and white images I have been practicing one Photoshop technique what I really like. I saw this technique 2 years ago from Chris Nicholls. I will be using this kind of photoshop technique for my project. Here below you can see Chris Nicholls photo of that technique and my photographs where I have practiced that kind of technique.

This selection of images above shows the styles and the techniques that I’m going to combine for my project.

My second personal project didn’t go as I planned and unfortunately I didn’t get all the photos that I wanted because I organized 3 shoots and 2 of them were canceled. I organised first shoot for 2-nd of November and bought all the clothes for the model to wear and unfortunately day before the shoot the model said that she can’t come and I didn’t get any alternative model with so short time to go on with the shoot and I had to cancel it and take all clothes back to shop to get refunded before 14 days will go by. I couldn’t organize a shoot for a week after because we had BIPP seminars and I didn’t want to miss them so I organized two photo shoots for the following week after BIPP seminars. One shoot was organized for 16-th and second one for 17-th of November. I went shopping again and bought another set of clothes for both models to wear. The photo shoot on 16-th went quite well, I got some good images that I was happy with even though I couldn’t get the lighting exactly as I wanted because it was my first time using that lighting equipment. After the shoot, I went home and looked through the images to see what else I need to get from my next shoot. I wrote the model to be sure that she’s coming and if she has any questions that I could answer but I didn’t get back from her that night. Next day I woke up and first thing what I saw was a message from the model that she can’t come because her rehearsal time was changed and I had to cancel that shoot what gave me a little bit of panic because I didn’t find 4 images that I could use from my first shoot. I tried to organize one more shoot for 22 of November but unfortunately didn’t go so well so I tried to get 4 images out of the only shoot that I had. On the BIPP seminar, I learned from the fashion photographer that if you’re getting models for free then try to organize at least 3 of them and maybe 1 will show up if there will be showing up more and then just use more models and this is what I need to when I will be organizing upcoming shoots.

These are the final images that I chose for this project.



I was planning to do low-key studio shoot where I wanted to use a little bit of motion blur but unfortunately I models canceled on me and I had only high key shoot. I turned all images to BW in Photoshop and created shapes and circles with negative color that adds depth to the image. Overall this project gave me good experience and things to consider about for upcoming shoots. I had exactly same problems in my second project as I had in second where models cancelled on me, fortunately I had BIPP seminar where fashion photographer talked about same problems that models who are modelling for free cancel quite often so it’s better to organize three models for the same shoot and maybe one will show up, if more will show up then just work with more models and get bigger variety from the shoot.


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