Calumet Student Photographer Of The Year


I chose between these four photos that I think are the strongest ones in my portfolio. I looked through each image to find mistakes what could bring the points down to win that competition. The first image below that I shot in a studio in high key lighting is really strong and eye-catching but I decided to leave it out because of the empty background where is no interest and nowhere to look at what wouldn’t stand out so well. The picture with the red dress I thought straight away that this is a good picture but there is no chance that it could win this year because last year’s winning photograph  was also with the red dress and I think they want something different for this year’s image so that picture is out. I like the third image below that I shot earlier this week, I think it would be interesting for judges to look at but  don’t think that it’s good enough to win as the picture looks a little bit messy.


The B&W photo where the model is holding her hands on her hips and looking on the right side, I decided to use this image for calumet student photographer of the year because I believe this is one of my strongest images that I have in my portfolio at the moment. What I like about the photo is that the whole process behind it was really easy and simple. This image is shot from a lower angle looking up having BBC Glasgow building wall for the background. The model dress suits with the background very well and the leading lines on each side of the model keep the viewer attention in the center of the photograph. In photoshop I turned the image into black and white colors and draw a square around the model and turned outside of the square into negative color what gave nice overall effect. I like the model pose and face expression what suits very well.


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