Capture Edinburgh Photography Competition



Competition Guidelines

  • To enter you must like and follow our City Art Centre Facebook page. Post your entry on our City Art Centre Facebook page using the hashtag #CaptureEdinburgh. Only one entry per category will be accepted.  On your Facebook post state the title of your photograph, location was taken and the category you are entering, also using the following hashtag.  #CaptureEdinburgh
  • You must also post a paper copy (no need for a quality print at this stage, just something for us to reference at judging stage) to the following address:

Margaret Findlay
Capture Edinburgh Photography Competition
Learning and Programmes
City Art Centre
2 Market Street

  • On the back of the hard copy write your

Contact Details
Name of Photograph
Category you are entering

To get photographs for this competition I went to Edinburgh to take pictures from the Scottish Parliament building and also of Holyrood Park. I was fortunate to get nice weather and beautiful sky what made the hunt for the pictures much easier because from the beginning I was planning to capture Edinburgh showing the cloudy sky on the background. In total, I thought I had at least 4 images to choose between but ended up only 2 images that I liked and are quite competitive but the choice of the final image was easy for me. Below you can see 4 images were from I chose the final photo for the contest for „In all weathers“ category.


First two what I liked was the shot from Scottish Parliament Building and the second one from Holyrood Park. The other two images I didn’t like at all as they look too amateurish and look more like quick snaps rather than photographs. From the two chosen photographs I decided to use the one with Holyrood park for the contest because it looks more artistic than the one from the parliament. Before taking the picture from Holyrood park, when I was looking at it I saw in my head Andreas Gursky’s photograph what is most expensive photograph ever sold in the world and the price was $4,3 million. These horizontal parallel lines start from the foreground and go all the way up till the background where is the bright cloudy sky. The cyclist fits the picture very well to show the scale and to match the colors of the sky with his blue jacket. This image fits the „All weathers“ category as there is said Edinburgh with dull and leaden skies, with bright skies. On the picture, you don’t see Edinburgh so much but the Holyrood park is in the background and the mountain is very well known.


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