LPA Futures Competition



There was and questionnaire what needed to be filled in to get accepted for the competition. You can see the questions and my answers here below.


  1. HOW would you Describe your photography?
    Mostly I shoot fashion because I like working with people and working with a team I get a lot of inspiration and motivation for projects. My photography comes from passion. I Like to create images that make people stop and think for a while.
  1. Why do you think your work is commercially appealing?
    Because my work is technical side is very commercial, I like to light up the subject and bring attention to it while having a pleasant view on the background.
  1. Why do you want to BE a commercial Photographer?
    Because I like challenges and being a commercial photographer you have to make the product look better than it actually is and that’s what makes me excited about photography, being challenged and overcoming the challenges.
  2. What, in your opinion, does the future hold for photography?
    Future is very bright for photography although mobile phone cameras are getting better and DSLR’s are getting cheaper what makes it available for everyone but professionalism, knowledge, and experience what divides and will always divide professionals and amateurs.



  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be based within the UK.
  • Be emerging talent i.e. actively engaged in seeking a career as a professional/commercial photographer and beginning to gain recognition in the industry.
  • Produce work that is relevant to the Lisa Pritchard Agency and its clients.
  • Only submit work that was produced after November 2012.


  • Agree to enter into the LPA contract (standard photographers/agents contract), which will be provided to all shortlisted photographers who make it through to Round 2 of the judging process.
  • Provide at least 1 printed portfolio. Edit and advice on presentation to be provided by LPA.
  • Have a website. Edit and advice on presentation to be provided by LPA.
  • Invest their time and a few marketing funds in promotion over the 2 year contract period, details and costs to be discussed before signing LPA contract.


  • A total of 20 images to be submitted via email to futures@lisapritchard.com. Please only submit work that you feel is a good representation of your style and is relevant to LPA’s client base
  • LPA website for more details.
  • There is no entry fee.



JPEG, 72 dpi, A4, RGB – e-mails should not exceed 5MB. All files must be labeled with the entrant’s full name and numbered 01-20 (e.g. lisapritchard01.jpeg).
It’s essential that all images can be reproduced to 20”x30”, 300 dpi, CMYK for the LPA Futures exhibition.


The goal is to select 5 photographers who demonstrate the potential to be successful commercial photographers.

We are looking for emerging photographers who have the potential to gain commissions from communication agencies and businesses directly to advertise products and services. In our experience, photographers who succeed in this area have a recognizable or ‘signature’ style, their work has a strong identity and often evokes an emotion. Aside from having a good eye and being technically faultless, good commercial photographers have a certain something that makes their photography memorable and engaging, whether that’s defined by an aesthetic or a subject matter, or both.


Upon signing the LPA Futures contract, photographers will be represented by LPA Futures for a period of 2 years, subject to the terms of the contract. The winners’ work will be displayed in the LPA Futures exhibition, which will be introduced to the industry for the first time at a private view in May 2017. LPA will contact the 5 winning photographers via telephone or email by 21st April 2017; please note unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted.


In addition to representation with Lisa Pritchard Agency for a 2 year period, all winners will receive the following prizes:

– £250 worth of lighting hire, a day’s studio hire and training course from Direct Photographic.
– £250 voucher towards a bespoke portfolio/portfolio bag from Delta Design.
– 4 30 x 20” C Type foamboard mounted exhibition prints and a 20% discount on C Type matt folio prints from Metro Imaging.
– A free ‘Shine Online’ website review and detailed analysis worth £200. Shine Online is a new and exciting collaboration between Manage My Website, experts in designing websites for photographers, and LPA.
– 1 hour of free legal advice from Swan Turton LLP. Please note this legal advice must be related to photography.
– £250 voucher towards insurance from William Carson/Chubb.

All prizes must be redeemed within the 2 year Contract period.

I looked through the other photographer’s portfolio who work for Lisa Pritchard Agency (LPA) and their work looks very polished, tidy and clean commercial photography. After looking through their previous winners for the futures competition and I was surprised that I didn’t see any fashion photographers, there was one photographer who had a little bit of fashion in her portfolio, though. Even after looking through their Photographers portfolio I still didn’t see any fashion photographers, there are more food, fine art and social photographers and all in high-end commercial style. Maybe they are not looking for fashion photographers or maybe they haven’t seen anyone who they like so far, so maybe there is a chance for me. Here below you can see the list of the photographers and previous LPA future winners.

  1. James Byrne http://www.lisapritchard.com/futures/james-byrne/
  2. Fay Elizabeth Harpham http://www.lisapritchard.com/futures/fay-elizabeth-harpham/
  3. Emma Boyns http://www.lisapritchard.com/futures/emma-boyns/
  4. Tim Atkins http://www.lisapritchard.com/futures/tim-atkins/
  5. Lulu Ash http://www.lisapritchard.com/futures/lulu-ash/
  6. Marc Ambros http://www.lisapritchard.com/futures/marc-ambros/

LPA Photographers

  1. Charlette Tolhurst http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/charlotte-tolhurst/
  2. Sam Stowell http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/sam-stowell/
  3. Andy Smith http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/andy-smith/
  4. Holly Pickering http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/holly-pickering/
  5. Liz Mcburney http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/liz-mcburney/
  6. Julian Love http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/julian-love/
  7. Michael Heffernan http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/michael-heffernan/
  8. Patrick Harrison http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/patrick-harrison/
  9. John Garon http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/john-garon/
  10. Nick David http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/nick-david/
  11. Iain Crockart http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/iain-crockart/
  12. Julian Calverley http://www.lisapritchard.com/photographers/julian-calverley/



My submission for this competition

I chose 19 images to submit for this competition and I had to create one more that would represent my signature style. My style is fashion photography, I like using various lighting set-ups to make the subject more interesting. I decided to do fashion style test shoot in the studio. I organized a model and makeup artist and asked the model to bring white clothes with her as I was planning to have the bright background for this shoot. The model just recently got 15 and she looked much younger than on the pictures I saw of her. Her height was 5,3ft and I saw it as a challenge to get a decent picture from her first but then during the shoot I realized that I have tho go very low to make her look tall. Going through the photos I was quite happy with one image what I will use for this competition. Here below is four images where from I chose one for the submission.


I chose a picture of her in portraiture style where she is holding right hand on her hip, its first above this text. I think this is the strongest image out of these four. The lighting suits her clothes better than on the other pictures because her clothes are properly lit up and the background color is not much darker than her clothes. Although her face expression is almost same on every picture but on the picture that I chose her careless expression and dominant pose match very well with the style of clothes she is wearing.

Here below are all 20 images that I submitted for the LPA Futures competition


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