Project 5 BIPP


This year the Awards will be made on Sunday 14th May 2017 at the Edinburgh Marriott Hotel, 111 Glasgow Rd, Edinburgh EH12 8NF. Further details will be announced on in due course.

The student who has submitted the highest quality entry overall in the student category will be chosen as the Scottish Student Photographer of the Year.

The following categories will be judged. An overall winner will also be chosen in each category plus a runner-up

Student (STD):

  • a) Social & Portraiture
  • b) Advertising
  • c) Fashion
  • d) Photo-journalism
  • e) Open – anything not covered by previous four categories


  • Entries must be in digital form only and must be sent via to , completed entry forms can be sent to the same email as an attachment.
  • Images must be submitted as on JPEG file format at print resolution (300dpi) of it were to print to a maximum size of 16 inches in the largest dimension
  • The FILENAME must be the TITLE of the image, preceded by the code for the category entered, for example: ICM-title-of-the-image.jpg Entries should contain the suffix a,b,c or d to indicate which subcategory they are entering their image. e.g. STDa_girlportrait.jpg.
  • All images must have been taken since 1st May 2016.

Student Category: BIPP Student Member – £2 per image, Non-members – £3per image

Submissions will be accepted from 6th March 2017
All entrants must complete an individual entry form The deadline for all submissions is 21st April 2017. Entries after the deadline are not accepted. Entry form is available following this link


I have been on BIPP students award before and I was lucky enough to win a merit award with my image „Mind Games“ in social/portraiture category in 2015 when I was studying HNC photography in Motherwell College 2014/2015

2 Callum.jpg
Mind Games

I have been twice on BIPP student awards and I saw that the judges are different and sometimes very poor images win when there is actually much better images in the same category, I have learned from this that sometimes even the best pictures don’t win because the opinion on what is the best picture is different for different people.

Previously on BIPP student competition there wasn’t Fashion category and it all went under advertising, so they decided to add Fashion as well because there is big amount of students who want to become fashion photographers and would like to compete with each other so this year there will be more chances for me to win award because my picture don’t have to compete with advertising photography as it was last year. Last years winner in advertising category.

From the winning images, I personally don’t think that the image where the woman is looking out of the window is advertising at all and I believe there were much better advertising images in that category, but as I said before that people opinion is different.

My selection

Below you can see the selection of images between from what I chose the final image to submit for BIPP for Fashion category.

Funky18 Fresh16 Diego's SecretsSpotted8 Lost In Glencoe1_EDD6983

All the images are interesting to look at, well lit and composed. They all would fit into the Fashion category but I chose the spotty one, this is how I named the image as well “Spotty”


I chose this image that I have done for my Graded Unit for HND, I personally think that this is still one of the best fashion images that I have produced so far and fortunately it was made in May month so it will meet the conditions that were said in the brief. Hopefully, my image will stand out from other fashion photographs as its very eye catching because of the background that matches with the clothes. The black and white are very silvery what gives a metallic feel to the image.I used photoshop to make a square of negative colors around her what helps to keep eye on the model. I like the model strong face expression what works with her pose.


Project 4 Folk/Fairy Tales


Produce one image that is derived from a folk/fairy tale suitable for use as one of the following;

Fashion Editorial or Book illustration

This image must have been made specifically for this project since the 3rd of March 2017.



The original tale chosen
Clown Kidnappers

From the ’80s to the early ’90s, child abductors dressed up as clowns terrorized a number of towns in the US. One notable incident happened in May 1981, when police officers from Brookline, Massachusetts released a bulletin regarding a mysterious van lurking near the local elementary school. A clown or group of clowns hiding inside the vehicle allegedly used candies to lure young victims towards the van. The most recent sighting took place in Chicago, Illinois where a community alert was subsequently issued in late 2008. The similarities were striking: An unidentified man was spotted wearing clown makeup and offering balloons to lure children into his white van.

Idea plus research to support the planned direction:

This set project I chose to approach as a fashion photojournalist who is sent to Gran Canaria Carnival to capture an image that would trigger the viewer’s memory to any kind of Folk/Fairy tale. The image would be shot in Fashion Editorial style and it will be used as VICE magazine cover for the last two weeks of March to finish up the carnivals that have been going on around the world from February until March.

Examples of different monthly covers for vice magazine:

v19n2 001 cover (0.3125).inddv7n2_cover_0uk_v4n11_poverty_300_0t_1355340317135534036288c76b5d7fa159ad3e90ce9b22060c85

All the covers look very dull with the colours and there is not much going on in them to distract the eye and also there is a lot of awkwardness in the cover photos.

Images from previous carnivals in Las Palmas

On the carnival, there will be various types of characters and costumes that would remind of some folk/fairy tales.

My images from the carnival


For the final image, I chose the picture with a clown what immediately reminded me of folk stories about clown kidnappers. I also edited the final image in the style of VICE cover images what looks slightly desaturated and with little bit sepia tone in it.
To achieve this I was holding a flash gun in my left hand and pointed it from above and as much as possible away from the camera to the left side.


Here is the final Image


PP3 “Out There, Looking For…”

For my third project, I am going to do editorial Fashion shoot what I called “Out there, looking for…” and it will reflect the style of Annie Leibovitz and Richard Avedon.  The title of the shoot will reflect on the models pose, expression and also on location. I will be shooting on different locations for different backgrounds and I will use the model poses and expression to make them look like they are looking or searching for something.

One model that I have worked with previously is signed for a modeling agency and she has her own Gown shop. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a shoot with her gowns and couple more models that she will also provide. For exchange, she wants images from the shoot to use for her gown advertisement. First, when she offered that to me, I wasn’t so keen on it because I had other work to do and I didn’t see much of a benefit from it. Couple days later I decided to use the opportunity to get my third project done. Fortunately, I have the freedom to be in charge of the shoot and can choose locations and style that I want and she will try to provide with whatever I will need for the shoot. First when I was planning that shoot I wanted to do outside on location but unfortunately right now is too cold outside so I will do a photo shoot inside where is warm.

When I was thinking about photographing gowns and dresses first thing that came to my mind was Annie Leibovitz fashion photography. Her images are all staged and you can see that there is a lot of work and effort put into the scene but her final outcome looks like candid photography what makes what I like so much about it. Here below you can see some inspirational work from Annie.

I wanted to get more inspiration but from different photographer and I found Richard Avedon fashion photography. Avedon made his models look very elegant and classy and models on his photographs look more feminine than on Leibovitz photography as her models look more powerful and independent.
Here below you will see inspirational photos from Avedon.


The selection of example photographs above from Annie Leibovitz and also Richard Avedon should show the idea what I’m trying to convey.

I have attached more inspirational photographs in Pinterest what you can see by following this link.

My third personal project was most successful compared to previous two. I planned to have two shoots in different locations and everything went as I was planning. I got to know more models and makeup artists who would like to collaborate with me for free to build up their portfolio. This project was very challenging to use studio lights because the ambient light was so low that the flash overexposed everything so I used flash to light up the background as well what changed the photograph totally.

If I would have to start this project again then I would do better research and also would concentrate more on making a story because I think my story don’t make so much sense.
These are the final 4 images that I chose for my third project.